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Caring for your peace of mind, our Agents of Prevention and Security consist of both armed and unarmed professionals dedicated to safeguarding individuals, properties, and assets. With their expertise and vigilance, they ensure a secure environment, providing unparalleled protection for your peace of mind."




Dog handlers


Here at our company, our Dog Handlers are experts in partnering with canines for a range of vital roles, from security to search and rescue and detection services. They cultivate deep connections with their canine partners, offering meticulous training, nurturing care, and expert guidance to ensure peak performance in their specialized duties.



Convoy agents


PIntroducing our esteemed Convoy Agents: experts in the meticulous transportation of goods, assets, and individuals. Committed to safety and efficiency, they orchestrate flawless convoy operations, implementing strategic measures to safeguard precious cargo and ensure seamless journeys from start to finish.




Electronic surveillance agent


Discover our elite team of Electronic Surveillance Agents, masters in the art of monitoring and fortifying electronic systems and networks. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, they fortify your digital fortress, thwarting cyber threats and preserving the integrity


Our Advantages

We are able to guarantee your safety 24/7 no matter who you are and whatever you do.

Algerian certified company.

Elevate your standards by partnering with an Algerian certified company, committed to excellence and reliability in every aspect of service delivery.

infrastructure and resources

Unlock the full potential of your project with our robust infrastructure and abundant resources, tailored to meet your every need.

Staff organized and trained

Entrust the security of your business to our highly organized and trained team, ready to meet all your security needs with professionalism and efficiency.


VIGIL GRUP is the most professional security guard squad on the market.


We guarantee our clients complete discretion; confidentiality is paramount within our company.


Equipped with the necessary materials and equipment to preserve the infrastructure, installations, assets, and individuals associated with them, as well as the smooth operation of your company's activities..



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What Our Clients Says

Read honest and real testimonials of our clients who got secured thanks to our services.

I would like to express my gratitude for the assistance and exceptional efforts provided by VIGIL Group. Your team was professional and collegial, and our security staff appreciated the opportunity to work with them. Furthermore, their efforts ensured that all Embassy personnel felt safe and welcomed throughout the event.

Joan A. Polaschik

 United StatesAmbasador

The Algerian Company of Fairs and Exports (SAFEX) thanks VIGIL GROUP for its contribution to the success of the 39th International Fair of Algiers held from June 1st to 8th, 2006, at the Exhibition Palace.



Rachid Gasmi

President CEO

I certify that VIGIL. GRUP, which is a company incorporated under the laws of Algeria, having its registered office at 02 RUE BOIS DES CARS III DELY BRAHIM ALGER, ALGERIA, has provided the vigil gards and provision of rig security services for PTTEP under call out basis during 2013-2019.


Peerapong Chailapo

General Manager

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